Friday, February 02, 2007


Because of time constaints I found it necessary to try soemthing I have never done before. Run on a treadmill!! I had a board meeting for my local soccer association that was at our Community Center here in Warren. So for $5.00 and a little lesson in programming I was off!

A few observations... 6MPH on a treadmill seems awfully fast to me, or maybe I am just that far out of shape. 45 minutes on a treadmill is B O R I N G!!!!! and when you stop, the room starts!! This is something that needs to be shared!!! I almost passed out!! The treadmill stopped I got off to get a drink and the room was moving at 6 MPH. It took a good 30 seconds before the sensation went away. All in all the experience wasn't too bad, although I won't be trading in my road shoes any time soon. I do like the info provided by the treadmill, ie. calories burned, heart rate, mph., but can't you get that from a Garmin??

I have to admit that it felt very good to run again. 4 miles feels like a very long way, but with any luck my body will adjust quickly and I can get back up to speed!!