Thursday, May 10, 2007


NO!!!! Not these guys, Hanson's Run shop puts on a training run every Tuesday at Dodge Park in Sterling heights. So I figured I would give it a shot. According to Tim, who I went there with, in the summer there are aprox. 70 to 80 people there on any given Tuesday!!!
I won't bore you with the details, but it is a great way to get miles in. Not only because you are in a group, but because of the way running splits builds up the mileage.
As far as the run itself I am woefully out of shape, but I don't think it will take long to back into the swing of things, knock on wood. I was still feeling the effects of my bout with food poisoning last week and drank copious amounts of water which caused a little discomfort, but I needed it. I think we ended up running just under 4 miles. My next race although I haven't officially signed up is the Karmano's 5K on June 16th. For anyone who reads this and is going to Bayshore, good luck and have fun. Al, good luck on your sub 4, you know you can do it!!!
The picture I talked about has been taken, I just haven't had time to post it.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Well, as hard as may or may not be to believe I had another set back last week.... Food poisoning of all things!!
After my run on Tuesday I felt fantastic, but when I woke up Wednesday morning I was super sore. All I kept thinking was, man how can I be so sore after only 3 miles. I most REALLY be out of shape!!! As the day went on I felt worse and worse, my arms and leg feeling as though they were weighted. Went straight to bed after work for a nice long nap. After about a hour at work Thursday I realized it was something more than being tired from running and went home from work. I didn't leave the house again until late Saturday. Leave the house? I didn't get out of bed except when necessary! How something that is that effortless can make sooooo tired is beyond me. It was work just trying to stand, by the time the weekend came I had lost almost 10 pounds and my legs were so cramped I couldn't sleep. Thank goodness that Sunday morning I woke with an appetite and as the day went along I felt better and better. Just in time for another work week, woohoo!!!!

So we'll try again tomorrow to get this running thing in gear and the first picture will be posted on Weds and hopefully every Weds. thereafter until December.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Running...One year later

As per my last post a year ago April I quit smoking and a year ago yesterday I started running. So what a perfect time to begin again!
For reasons I won't bore you with I haven't been running, at all! Boy have I paid for it, I am back to my pre-running weight, plus a few pounds! I feel terrible, have no energy, and not very fun to be around. I figured my 1 year anniversary was a fine time to get it going once again, so I squeezed into some running clothes waited for the rain to stop, and waited, and waited. Then Beth, my wife, had to go out so I waited some more. All told I thing I sat around in my running clothes for about 3 hours. Trying all the while to convince myself that I could just start tomorrow, but at shortly after 9:00pm the planets aligned and walked out the door. Some 29 minutes and 3 miles later I was back and man it felt good.
As is always the case running clears the mind. It works wonders to wipe away the days events, which is one reason I like running at night instead of the morning. One thing I decided to do is before and after photos. I have 220 (coincidentally how much I weigh now!!!) days until my next Marathon and I always wanted to document the change. Another thing that I am going to do is, once a week I am going to take a photo of my face and post it here, by Dec. I should have a nice progression series. So look for that starting tomorrow!
So with that I am out of here! See ya tomorrow!