Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Last Friday was one of those days where I just couldn't find the energy, enthusiasm, time, discipline to get out there and run. I knew I needed it however, so into my running clothes I went and at about 9:30pm I finally made it out the door. Now usually I have really good runs on days, or in this case night when I don't feel like running. I always thought it was like a reward for getting out there even though I didn't want to. That being said Friday was different...
A few times during my training and fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, my mind has turned to an old friend of mine who passed away from Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Friday, however was different. About 1/4 mile into my run I started to think about Mike and how one day he woke up with a baseball sized tumor on his shoulder. How his wife couldn't cook in the house because the sores in his mouth from treatment hurt too badly when he salivated. How after that 1st year he went into remission and he and his wife paid off all their bills and went to Australia, their dream vacation. And then sadly, the cancer coming back a finally taking his life.
Next thing I knew I was over a mile out and I could feel that I was running faster than normal, so I slowed my pace. As soon as I did that I got this tingle in my back that seemed to push me. As if to say you don't need to slow down. Now for those of you who know me, you know that I am not the "spiritual" type, but I really felt someone or something pushing me. Strangest and most energizing feeling I have ever had.
Between miles 1 and 2 another visual popped into my head. That of a jockey and a racehorse. I used to love to go to the race track and bet the ponies!! That tiny person using every ounce of energy to hold back an animal that just wants to run. Then at just the right moment the jockey relaxes their arms and lets the horse run. All the tension gone, pure speed!!! I love it!! I felt like the horse that was allowed to run, no holding back, no tension. man it was cool.
Now most of you know that I am by no means a race horse!!! As a matter of fact I have never run sub 9 minute miles back to back before. So you can imagine my surprise when I finished my 3 miles in 26:28. At least three times during my run I felt that push in my back and honestly I felt as though I could have run forever, but I was so excited I had to stop and tell my wife about what happened!
Just thought I would share that with you and maybe remind you of those people in your life that make a difference and those who are no longer with us and yet they are, giving us that push when we need it!

Have a great day,


Monday, July 16, 2007


You know, whenever you hear the phrase "necessary evil" be wary! Yesterday before we headed out for our training run in Lake Orion I heard that phrase at least 2 maybe 3 times concerning the hills on our course. Having run out here before I barely gave them a second thought. The thing I forgot was that I was actually training the last time.

Let me start by saying thanks to the volunteers that came out for support and to man the aid stations. I hate to carry water, so thanks!! Also thanks to coaches Ken and Sandy for leading the way. Great idea to use flour to mark the course instead of paint!!! My goal was to run double digits and since it was an out and back I either had to go 5 or 6 miles out. Since the mile between 4 and 5 was ALL uphill I decided on 10 miles. Even though, as I said, the course was an out and back, the way out seemed tougher. That is peculiar because I was running with 3 other people most of the way. Way to go Tim and Ken for doing 8 and Tim C. for 12. Speaking of Tim C., he brought me a double jogging stroller for me that his sister was selling, now I can run with the kiddies!!!

I think part of the reason the out part of the course was harder is because every down hill I ran I thought, that will be an uphill on the way back!! Bad brain!!!! Anywho, I ran by myself from miles 5 to about 8 which is where I realized that I hadn't run double digit miles since my marathon in October and I started getting those poisonous thoughts in my head. You know the ones about walking for a bit!!! Just then I heard footsteps and Jeff came running by, he slowed a bit and after exchanging pleasantries we ran together for most of the last 2 miles. Jeff is one of those people who marathoners call crazy! He told me that he just ran a half Ironman last Sunday and ran 20 miles on the day before our run. Not to mention several other runs during the week. It was right about then my left knee started to hurt, I swear just hearing about the miles he put in caused it! It was nothing major so I finished through it and I was very happy with the run overall.

Up until yesterday I was getting frustrated because I am having trouble getting faster. Not so much because of my body, but because of my breathing. This was the first run in a while that I didn't try to push the limits. I went out nice and slow and stayed there the whole run. I still want to get faster, but now I realize it won't happen over night.

Thanks for stopping by and the pictures are coming promise.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


After a really great extended weekend of family and golf it is time again. Time to start training in earnest. Just over 5 months (I wish I knew how to add one of those clocks to my blog homepage!) to go until my next delve into the marathon realm and I am more than a little nervous. I can't put my finger on why? The first time around I had no idea what to expect, sure my coaches told me about hydration, fueling, etc., but every day was a new milestone that culminated in San Francisco. This time I kind of know what is coming.
Last year after I quit smoking, about a month after actually, I had one of those "Oh my goodness look at you" moments and right then and there I decided that I needed to get up and do something. I did not want to end up a former smoker with a weight problem. Well this past weekend it happened again. As I mentioned in my last post I ran in the Freedom Run a week ago this past Sunday. Well, my wife Beth took some pictures or my son and I before, during and after the race. I forgot all about the pictures and hadn't seen them. Until this past weekend that is! I am sure everyone who reads this has had that moment. That moment when you think why didn't anyone tell me I looked like that. F...A...T... It honestly looked as though I had a pillow under my T-shirt! I guess eating for a marathon has to go hand in hand with TRAINING for a marathon.
And so it begins. Time to start sweating, logging those miles and fundraising. Even though it won't be official until August 1st when I go to the info meeting training has begun....


Monday, July 02, 2007


Last year around this time, when this whole running thing started I figured it was time to find a race to run. I found this 5K in Clawson called the Freedom Run http://www.freedom-run.com/ . It was close and cheap so away I went. Turned out to be a great little run, about 150 people thru the neighborhood around a small little park, the name of which escapes me right now. So even though my training has been somewhat non-existent when the time came around again this year I figured what the heck.
As I mentioned a few posts back my stepson decided to run with me a few times and I thought this would be a good first race for him. So for the first time, for any race, I packed up the family and away we went. Nate, my stepson, was staying at a friend's house and asked if his buddy could come and I said sure no problem. Once we got our numbers and T-shirts, which I have to say for the low entry fee ($10.00) the shirts are really cool, we had almost a hour to kill so Beth, my wife and the little ones went to the playground and the 2 boys and I went off to the start, after we showed Beth where the finish was so she could see us come in. Thanks again to her for coming. :o)
I told the boys that they were going to want to run fast at the start, but that we would keep it slow. The first 1/2 mile I think I told them to slow down about a half dozen times. After that I didn't need to mention it. This was my first run since before Father's Day when I hurt my back and to be honest it felt really good. Most of the first 2 miles I was directing traffic and telling Nate's buddy Jacob to pick up his feet! After a quick drink of water I picked up the pace just a bit and both boys started to lag a little, to their credit however they didn't lag for long and as we approached the finish they had to make sure to beat the old guy to the line. Which the old guy, me, was more than willing to allow. We finished under 30 minutes which is what I was shooting for considering this was his first race.
All in all I think he enjoyed it. He is starting to appreciate what it takes to run distances and with a little friendly prodding on my part I think he might make a good little running partner for me, until he gets too fast that is!! It was really nice to have Beth and the kids there cheering us on, even without the signs!!