Friday, September 28, 2007


Sorry about my recent lack of blogs. When I don't run, I don't blog! I did, however get in 6 miles last night. New PR by the by...56:53.

Speaking of the run, it started like most days recently with everything conspiring against me in an attempt to stop me from running. Appointments, errands, kids homework, etc. I finally made it out the door at 9pm. Most runs, for me anyway, have a distinct start, middle, and end. The start is horrible, my breathing is labored, legs are heavy and I almost always feel like turning around within a half mile. The middle is my comfort zone, my happy place. I can solve all of the world's problems in the middle part of my runs! Then there is the end, the can we get this over with stage. Or the God please make it stop hurting stage.

Well last night was different, as I said it took some doing to just get out the door and I was very stressed by the time I did. Helping my 12 yr old with his math homework when he doesn't understand is maddening. My wife asked me if I was just going to keep running once I made it out the door, pretty funny!! Well not even 1/4 mile into it my chest started to hurt, but went away quick enough. I took less time than usual to warm up and I felt really good at mile 2. Then the fun started, for the next 3 miles I experienced every type of run related feeling I can think of. One second I was feeling great, the next I wanted to die. Speed up, slow down, man it got hot, why is my belly so cold? All in all I liked it, time pasted more quickly and I ran my fastest mile between miles 4 and 5. It was just weird is all. Especially in a short run as it was. I have been feeling a bit unsure of myself and runs like this help to refresh the spirit and restore some confidence.

I think Beth was happy I decided to come back home after the run and thankfully my son figured out his math homework by then too. I am proud of him for putting so much effort into it!

As always thanks for taking the time and have a great day!!!


Monday, September 24, 2007


I followed one of my best weeks of training up with the worst this past week. I only ran twice and a strange feeling of dread came over me.
It's not so much that I don't think I can finish the marathon in December, but I don't want to just finish! Whenever I think I finally am on the right track with my training life throws me a curve ball and I have a "I didn't have any time to run" week. To add to my angst we are having some major issues with Beccah and her behavior and I am stressed about that. AND most of my running buddies have begun their tapers, so I have a feeling that a lot of my miles are going to be solo. AND my fundraising is going a lot slower than I had hoped, so there that added stress, oh AND then there is work which has been very very slow for months now and for some reason I now report to a different supervisor which makes me very happy (insert sarcasm here). I am this close to looking for work in a different state!
I think part of my problem is I know what is coming this time around, not that there won't or haven't been suprises, but I am afraid I am not going to be prepared. Ok enough complaining!!!

I know the answers are right there in front of me and I just need to chase them down.


6 miles on Saturday 57:04...not much of a long run eh?

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Last night I was just plain lazy and didn't get my miles in. I spent the better part of the night sitting in my recliner while my youngest daughter slept on my lap. I could do that every day all day, it is such a great feeling. After my wife put her to bed I had lost all motivation and decided to call it a night. There was that twinge of guilt, but I'll get over it. Every now and again I think we need to re-charge the batteries and for me there is no better way to do this than laying with the kids.


Monday, September 17, 2007


Before I forget I wanted to give a get well soon to one of my avid readers TNT coach Ken, who just had knee surgery. Hope you are feeling ok and remember the road isn't going anywhere, so don't rush it!!
Also wanted to say congrats to Yvonne and Ken on the birth of their first baby, a boy, last Thursday. Congrats!!!!!!!



09.15.07 11 miles 1:48:15

Woke up Saturday morning and got dressed for the weeks long run walked out the door and immediately turned around. Shorts were not going to be an option, unless they were over a pair of tights. So after I was dressed properly off I went.
I had it in my head that I needed to do over 10 miles. I've run a few 10 milers since last October, but nothing farther than that, so mentally I had to do it. All in all it was a great run, the weather ended up being perfect for running, once you got moving. We had a relatively large group doing anywhere from 6 to 18 miles so paths crossed often. We didn't do the trails I was looking forward to because the one person who knows the way has an injury and we didn't want to chance getting lost. Hopefully next time, get well Anika!
I did the last 2 miles on my own and I really think the speed/strength training is paying off. I felt tired, but finished strong and mile 11 was my fastest mile. Last week was a good week for me getting in over 25 miles for the first time this year, hopefully I can continue getting the miles in, my body is starting to crave it again!WOOHOOO!!!!!

Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!!!


Friday, September 14, 2007


What exactly is a mid-life crisis? The urge to go out and buy a sports car? Change your hair style? Start running to beat the reaper? I am not sure, but am sure of one thing, I am tired of working in my industry in the current economy. It really sucks to be in Michigan right now if you work in the automotive industry. I work for a Tier1 Tool and Die Manufacturer as a CNC/Wire EDM operator programmer and it is S-L-O-W!!!!
I can't remember the last new job that I have worked on and it is becoming harder and harder to make ends meet!

A little bio... I was one of those students who never had to study, school was always easy. At the same time I was never one to apply myself and getting through was my goal not excelling. When the time came and I finished high school I figured I would take some time off and start college in a year or two. After all I was making more money then I would after 4 years of school so what was the rush? Well needless to say I never went back, oh sure a class here and there, but nothing serious.
24 years and a wife and four kids and bills up to my eyeballs here I am. Feeling trapped in a dead end job that I think will probably not exist in 5 to 10 years. So what to do, what to do???? Being that I am in my early 40's my options are limited.

Just somethng that has been rolling around in my head lately that I needed to get out. Oh by the way I ran for the 3rd day in a row yesterday, 3.1 miles 29:38. woohoo!!!!


Thursday, September 13, 2007


A full bowel, sorry but it's true. there is nothing that will get me home faster.

Good run last night, 4.9 miles 46:30. I love this time of year the weather is just perfect for running, mid 60's at night.

I tried returning the shoes yesterday and the person at the shop said that he couldn't take them back because they had been worn outside. I am disappointed, but I will talk to one of the owners next time I see him at speed work. Not sure how you are supposed to know if the shoes are right for you unless you run in them? I understood what he was saying and didn't push the matter.

Everything was ok last night. We'll see if the break in in the next week or so. The bad thing is I just don't have the extra money to get another pair right now and my old shoes are not an option anymore. So as long as things don't get worse I'll be fine.

With any luck I am going to do some trail running this Saturday. I am looking forward to it as this will be the first time on these trails.

Did you know if we eat less meat it will ease Global Warming...who knew????

Those of you who run where there is traffic...what I usually do, if confronted with a turning car in my path is to stop and wave them on. Almost every time the car will stop. So I will then continue, the clock is running after all!!! The last few, maybe 5 times, as I start again the car decides to go as well. Last night I came about a foot from getting hit. What to do, what to do!??

Told my daughter a while back that I would join karate so we could do it together, but I haven't yet. Partially because I would be embarrassed. Been thinking lately I should just do it, but of course right now, no money!!!

Sorry just the stuff that poured out my head this morning...

Have a GREAT day!!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

STRESS...TAKE 2.......

Strength workout.... 4x1 mile repeats 1/4 mile recovery with 1 1/2 mile warm up and cool down.

I haven't had time to return my new shoes yet and I am starting to pay for it. My feet and ankles were so sore last night after running. The workout went really well and the weather was perfect. We were supposed to do 6 x 1 mile repeats, but I only did 4 because of the shoes and the pain. Pace was supposed to be 10 seconds faster than marathon pace which would have put me at 9:50 miles. Right after the warm up my stomach started to flip flop and the resulting potty break made me late for the actual workout. Because of this I went out very fast, again fast when I use it is a relative term, and finished mile one at 9:07. At that point I figured since I knew I was not going to do the full 6 miles I would push a little harder and readjusted my goal pace to be 9:30. The next three miles were, 9:20. 9:20, and 9:15. I was very happy even if my lower extremities weren't!
During the warm up I had a chance to re-evaluate my approach to this, my second marathon. I have been stressing about finishing time. Last year my goal was simple, finish without any significant injury. Which I did, 5:21:00 with about 5 miles of mostly walking between 17 and 22. This time around my goals are slightly more lofty. I would like to finish in 4:30:00, which I really should be able to do. Here I am three months away and I find myself worried about not being able to pull it off. Well last night I decided that if it works out, great! If not, oh well, just finish what you started and let everything else sort itself out. Now don't get me wrong I am still going to try and do it, but if it doesn't happen it is ok. Life will go on and lessons will be learned and I will get faster.

Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I hadn't even made it into the house from work yesterday and I heard it. The unmistakeable sounds of my 10 year old daughter yelling at someone. Being the "enforcer" I immediately took charge of the situation and lost control almost as fast! For the next three hours I was in a constant battle of wills with a 70 pound 10 year old girl that I would, without hesitation, lay my life down for. By the end I was so stressed I could feel my blood pressure rising to dangerous levels and I could have really used a quick 3 miler at that point!

There is this little voice inside my head that reminds me of my feelings toward my dad. I loved him more than anything, but at the same time I was scared to death of him. That fear kept me on the straight and narrow. I don't think kids today feel that way. You should see their face when I tell them that teachers used to spank me!! "Did you tell grandma", they would ask. Yep, sure did and she was ok with it?? HAHAHA!! Not only was she ok with it, she usually was happy they did it.

Simple things like cleaning of the bedrooms, a universal problem between parents and children I am sure, takes on a life of it own where Beccah is concerned. This little 10 x 13 foot section of earth causes more tension in my house than the middle east! My request is usually a simple one, please clean your room and don't come out until it is done. Of course instead of that happening, I need to go to the bathroom, I need to talk to mom, I have to put this away, I need to...yada yada yada!!!!! Every 5 minutes and before you know it 2 hours has pasted and the room is still a fiasco. Now those of you with kids are probably nodding your head feeling my pain. Those without are wondering what planet I am from and that is ok. If you ever have kids you will understand.

In the middle of this war of wills are my other 3 kids, the oldest is the listener, does what he is told and quietly goes about his business. the little ones, 4 and 3..lets leave them for another post!!! I turn my back for a minute and my daughter is in the family room talking back to my wife. I held onto what wits I had left just long enough to get her back into her room. Once there I did the best impersonation of a man possessed that the world has ever seen and came just short or destroying the very same room I had been trying to cleaned for the past 3 hours!!! Did I mention there was still homework to do??? I felt as though my head would explode. After a few minutes of deep breathing I went to her and tried my best to explain why she needs to listen and follow directions and blah blah blah.

I struggle at being a father more than anything else in my life and it is times like these that make me wake up screaming at night. I love my kids more than life itself, but God help me, there are times when military school is a real option. And what did this all stem from? That little 10 x 13 foot patch of real estate we call Beccah's Room.

Deep breath and count to 10....


Monday, September 10, 2007


So I was excited about running in my new shoes Saturday and WHAM!!! First things first... It seems as though every time I get fired up about running, training, the miles, etc. I get blind sided and can't or don't run. I only ran twice last week because of time issues, can't keep that up and hope to finish in December!! These things happen and I'll find some way to squeeze more runs into my week.
Ok back to the shoes, I just got my new Asics on Weds. as mentioned, but they didn't have my size in the width I needed so I went with a half size smaller. I figured the width (4E) was more important than the 1/2 size difference. Well I was wrong!! I did 6 miles on Saturday and my feet were killing me by mile 3. Not to mention the unusual aching in my ankle!! The shoes are the same model that I have been running in so the way I see it the size difference is the problem. I checked into it and Asics made no changes, structurally to the shoe. I will be going to exchange them for the correct size today and with any luck, knocking on wood, I will be back in business.

Thanks for stopping in...

Thursday, September 06, 2007


That is new shoe smell! I decided to stay with what works and got another pair of Asics Cumulus. The guys at Hanson's Running Shop as usual were very helpful. I asked to try on several different makes that were similar to the Asics when he asked why, don't like the cumulus? I said, actually I love them. Then why do you want to switch, he said! DUH!!!!

Good point and good shoes. The only down side was by the time I got home it was too late to run so I will try and put a few miles on them tonight after my team in training meeting.

Speaking of running, I am getting that feeling back. It has taken some time, but it is back. That if I don't run I am going to explode feeling. That excitement about my next 3 miler around the neighborhood that I have done hundreds of times before, ok maybe not hundreds, but you know...

After my hiatus this past winter it was a struggle to get out the door. There was always something holding me back. Something better to do. Even though I am not putting in anywhere near the miles I need to I am running regularly, but more importantly I am always thinking about it. How can I get faster, run longer, what kind of new gel should I try, how far tonight?

If I could only put that type of thought and energy into things around the house, right sweetheart??!??


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NEW SHOES!!!....

So I am finally getting a new pair of shoes today!! My Asics now have almost 300 miles on them, including my first marathon last year, so it is time to retire them. More to come on the shoes later.
I took an extra day off of work so I had a 4 day weekend. It was nice especially since I got to see the kids off for their first day of school. Although for them it was no big deal!!! They are at that age where we embarrass them more than anything else! I did run 3 out of 4 of those days and I feel pretty good. I did 8 Saturday, an easy 3 Sunday and just short of 7 yesterday at the strength workout. The best thing about my time off was going to the Michigan State Fair with my oldest daughter on Monday. We had really good time together riding the rides and seeing the animals. Heck we even saw a cow in labor, that doesn't happen every day!! As a matter of fact it was our first.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day...